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    Merge tables

    Daniel Kuba

      Hi all, I need again your help. I would like merge two tables together to make one new. I tried concatenate and outer join, but results wasnt right. I need make table where will be fields "Material", "Storage Bin" and "Date" from first one and "Available stock" from second one. From second one I can take "Date" from file name (date is part of file name).

      And after I make it succesfully, in Qlik application I need make table, when I will see how many specific materials is on specific bin (it is location) in different days.

      In added file is screen of table what I need. Only now I know, that I see wrong data inside. I tried make it throught new filed "Keyword", that is "Material" + "Storage bin". Second added file is screen of data model viewer, where I see field "Available stock" only with "-".

      This is my attempt in dataload editor:



          @3 as TO,

          @6 as Item,

          @7 as Material,

          @9 as TYP,

          @10 as "Storage Bin",

          @11 as PAr,

          @16 as Qty,

          @17 as "Mvt type",

          @21 as ADate,

          @7 &' '& @10 as Keyword

      FROM [lib://TO/2017W??TO.txt]

      (txt, codepage is 28591, no labels, delimiter is '|', msq, header is 5 lines);


      Outer Join(Data)


      //     Material,

      //     "Storage Bin",

          "Available stock",

          Material &' '& "Storage Bin" as Keyword

      //     Date(Floor(FileTime())) as ADate,

      //     FileTime()

      FROM [lib://zlx/ZLX02S_2017????_05????.txt]

      (txt, codepage is 28591, embedded labels, delimiter is '\t', msq);