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    % Based stacked bar chart

    Benoît Gochel

      Hi all,


      I have a stacked bar chart with two dimensions (Employee and SubGroupProject) in order to analyze the timesheets of the employees.

      The timesheets are transactions lines with a quantity of hours and a projet-subGroupProjet-GroupProjetc.


      I would like to show with a stacked bar chart the repartition in % of subGroupProject for each employee.


      Eg :




      But with % repartition for every employee.


      I tried  :


      =num(SUM([#Hours.QTY])/SUM(TOTAL(<[empl.name]>[#Hours.QTY]))) as my meseaure expression


      But I got no result ...


      What can I do to solve this?


      Thank you in advance,