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    Field not found / CASE WHEN in Load Script

    Juan Moreno

      Hi all,


      I have a field in my DB called is_planned that can be a 1, meaning planned, or a 0, meaning unplanned.


      As I don't want users to have to remember the codes (1 for this, 0 for that) I thought of using a CASE WHEN in the load script, like this:





      [name] AS [event_type.name],



      SQL SELECT "event_type_id",



      CASE WHEN "is_planned" = 1 THEN 'Planned' ELSE 'Unplanned' END

      FROM "pems"."public"."event_type";


      It is giving me the following error when loading:


      The following error occurred:

      Field 'is_planned' not found

      The error occurred here:



      I used the CASE WHEN in my load scripts before issue without. Do you see what might be wrong this time?


      Also, if you think there's a better way to obtain the same result, don't hesitate to comment.


      Thanks in advance!