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    Fill in empty fields

    Jonnie Yacoub

      Hey community,


      Back with an other issue... I have the following table with some sample data


      [lead_id], [lead_inserted][lead_name_last], [lead_priority],[lead_source],[lead_type][deal_id],[deal_office],[deal_value]   and more

      10400     6/11/2017          Sense                    5-normal        online form     lead

      10400     9/11/2017                                         5-normal        online form     deal        360               20               200000


      This is a concatenated table between leads & deals. As you can see leadnr 10400 became a deal but the priority and the lead_source of the lead is not in the row of the deal. Now i want to know if there is an expression or calculated field where i can have the priority and source in the deal row? i want this because when a salesagent filters on 'priority HIGH' it only shows the leads with that priority... The deals that have that priority it wont show. Same issue with the lead_source...