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    Get Sales vs Last Year Sales for each year

    Aurélie Potvin

      Hi experts,


      I have following information in my table

      • Region (with 3 regions A, B & C)
      • Month (ex. 31/07/17 formatted as Jul-17)
      • Year (ex. 2017)
      • Sales $


      In my report, I have a filter that lets me choose my year and now,I would like to show 6 KPI's which are the sales for each region, both for the chosen year as for the "chosen year -1".

      I managed to set the 3 KPI's for the sales per region, per year but I cannot find a solution for the previous year.

      • Sales for Region A for chosen year : Avg({$<[Region]={"A"}>}[Sales])
      • Sales for Region A for chosen year -1 : ?


      Any idea how I could do this?

      Thanks in advance for your help & time