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    color banding on multiple rows (using rank() ?)

    Brian MacDonald

      This seems like this should be easy but I cannot get this to work.  I want to alternate colors for rows of a table but the rows will be in groups of variable size.  I thought that I could use the rank function to denote the groups and then flag the rank as even or odd to control the color banding, but this is not working for me for some reason.  Here is some sample data:


      Load * Inline [

      Pt, Date, Product, Order

      123, 1/1/2017, Apples, Order1

      123, 1/1/2017, Pears, Order1

      123, 1/1/2017, Oranges, Order2

      123, 2/1/2017, Apples, Order3

      123, 2/1/2017, Oranges, Order4

      123, 2/1/2017, Bananas, Order5

      123, 3/3/2017, Bananas, Order6

      123, 3/3/2017, Pears, Order7

      123, 3/3/2017, Apples, Order8



      Here is what I am getting, The column Pt is first in the sort order...I know the rank function depends on sort order.




      What I am after is this...




      Thanks in advance for any help.  Feel free to suggest an easier way to do this.