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    New to Clickview - Need to display backlog graph

      Hello all,


      I am new to QlickView and am trying to display a graph based on a backlog of work orders over time. I have an Oracle SQL statement that selects the data  but cannot get the same result from Qlickview.  I really dont grasp the concept of sets and expressions and how to use them properly. I can plot either Created or Completed on seperate graphs over a period of time, but cant figgure how to combine and end up with the proper result set.


      Here is what I was trying to do. Any ideas/ suggestions? Is this possible in Qlickview?


           Backlog.jpgBacklog 1.jpg


      Below is the SQL to select data from Oracle. It displays the backlog for the past 12 months, from this I can generate the graphs above. (I'm not an expert in SQL, its slow but does work). Note I must read the whole data set to compute the opening backlog in the last 12 months.


      select * from

      (SELECT "Period",

           "Created" , "Completed", 
            Sum("Backlog") OVER(order by "Period" RANGE BETWEEN UNBOUNDED PRECEDING AND CURRENT ROW)  AS "Backlog"

      select "Period",
      "Created" , "Completed",

      "Created" - "Completed" as "Backlog"
        (Select count(*) from work_orders where to_char("Actual Finish",'YY-MM') = "Period" and "Stat" in('Complete')) as "Completed"
      from (
      to_char( "Created on",'YY-MM') As "Period",
      sum(1) as "Created"
                from work_orders
      group by to_char( sap."Created on",'YY-MM')
      order by   to_char( sap."Created on",'YY-MM')

      ) where "Period" >= to_char(sysdate -366,'YY-MM')