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    Qlik Sense Backup Suggestion

    Shahzad Ahsan

      Hello Everyone

      I am using qlik sense server. After creating new app like 'xyz' , when I go to this folder (ProgramData\Qlik\Sense\Apps) I find an app with random name like '9976D7A3-7B0E-4A0C-9049-F5ED5ECEDCDD'


      Que 1: Why this random name is generated automatically?

      Que 2: I want, if I create new app like 'xyz', it should show xyz.qvf. Is this possible??

      Que 3: I have around 50 apps in my apps folder but I cannot recognize any app because the are created by random name automatically. Can I rename those app like 'xyz.qvf' ??? It may cause any problem???

      Que 4: Am I only facing this problem or this is qlik sense property??


      These problems are not in desktop version.