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    web socket connection between website and qliksense

    nitay kuris


      i have a running server with qlicksense. when i open it and use the devhub i can connect to engineapi and fetch the docs.

      I would like to make the same action from another computer which hosts a simple html page. In order to do that i use qsocks.js


      when i try to connect to the qlicsense server i get an error:

      WebSocket connection to ... failed: Error in connection establishment: net::ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT

      my JS looks like this


      var configSense = {

                host: clikcsenseip,


                origin: 'https://iisip', // Pass a origin that has a corresponding record in the virtual proxy whitelist

                isSecure: true,

                rejectUnauthorized: false, // Don't reject self-signed certs,







      Do I need another port?

      Do I need to authenticate before i can connect to the server?

      Does anyone have a working example for this scenario?