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    Sum values grouped by Id in pivot table

    Domenico Rocco

      Hello, I have a set of data like that:
      ID      Value

      100     100 €

      100     200 €

      200     500 €

      200     700 €

      200     100 €


      and I have a pivot table with a bucket of age group (<30, 31-40, 41-50, etc), so each ID belongs to a certain age group.

      I would show, for every group age, the sum of the "Value" for age group. Since there are several ID with multiple "Value", I'd like to Sum the values that belongs to the same ID (assuming ID 100 as age 20, and ID 200 as age 50, I would show that the <30 Age group has 300 €, and the 41-50 Age Group has 1300 €).
      I tried with the

      Sum(aggr(Value,  ID))

      and also with the

      Sum(total<ID> Value).

      but it isn't working at all.

      Can you please help me?

      Thank you!