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    Export to Image or PDF

    Paul Verkooijen

      Is it possible to export the map / visualization to a PDF ?
      Right click on the map wont work, only option is export but this gives an error.

      Snapshots can be created however when using these on a story the map doesn't show up correctly when presenting or export to PDF/Powerpoint.

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          Jonas Linden

          Hi Paul, If you only look for a snapshot and want to use it in ppt or in a pdf I would recommend taking a screen shot in order to capture all layers.

          BR, Jonas

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              Paul Verkooijen

              Hi bqf


              That's wat I have done for now, however this functionality should come available soon.

              I've raised a case with support regarding this issue.


              "Unfortunately, GeoAnalytics extension does not support printing. This limitation is mainly related to the current multi layer architecture of overlaying charts and data in GeoAnalytics. The multi layer architecture makes GeoAnalytics a very powerful, fast and flexible product where the primary focus is. However,  the printing process requires each layer to be handled separately during printing. This limitation will be resolved and printing will be possible and supported in a future version of GeoAnalytics and Qlik Sense within the product development map, but unfortunately no timeline has been set up yet."