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    Gauge Accumulate Data for Previous Months

    Erin Kelley



      I am creating a gauge in my Qlikview dashboard to track how close we are to meeting our financial goal at the end of the year.


      Our goal is to reach $8,000,000 by the end of December 2017. Each financial figure is kept track of monthly and continually is added to the previous month to track our financials. I would like to have the gauge correlate with the month fields that I have listed.


      Right now, when I select for instance "Feb", the gauge only calculated the financials for Februrary, however I would like to track Jan-Feb when I select "Feb." Is there a formula that can be used so that the month selected can also track the previous months as well?


      Here is the formula I have currently:

      =Sum([Financial Impact])/8000000


      Here is an example of what I have currently: (when I select February it just shows the % for February, not January and February which I would like)


      If this is not possible, the only workaround I have figured is to select both January and February.