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    How to read all the Qvds with name difference(date) in a loop ??

    vishal goud

      Hi Team ,


      Need Urgent help : we have 18 Qvds of same name the only difference is month and year. like xyz_20160101 and xyz_20170601 etc. i have to load last 12 qvds.(aug-16 to Jul-17)

      date format : xyz_yyyymmdd.


      1. i want to write a loop condition to load all these last 12 qvds.

      2. also i want to extract the new qvds from db with changed strcture(just new columns are added) now i have to concatinate the both old and new extracted qvds and save them on the same path from where we took old qvds.(overwritting the old qvds).


      // Old Qvd



      LOAD Date,
      [Customer ID],
      [C:\Users\TEMP.SYSTEMS.001\Desktop\xyz_20160101.qvd]                          // this has to be loaded 12 times

      // New Qvd with additional columns
      LOAD Date,
      [Customer ID],
      [C:\Users\TEMP.SYSTEMS.001\Desktop\xyz_20170101.qvd](qvd);             // we have to extract the 12 new qvds and concatinate with the old qvds and overwrite in the old qvds path.

      Please help me as this has to done very urgently. Thanks