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    spaces in data is throwing me off

    becki kain

      I have data coming in with "_" in the name, like P_201709 and when i run a calculation like this, in the variables section:


      total_sales_volume_tp1=sum({1<[TP]={$(TP1)}>} TOTAL Volume)


      the field "Volume" is summed up just fine.


      now, when the data field looks like this "2017 Q3", the same calculation is blank.  looking at the raw data, the field "Volume" does have numerical data in it but it seems that any row which has a space in the time period field has no volume to sum up.  i tried this:


      =sum({1<[TP]={$("TP1")}>} TOTAL Volume) and that not only didn't solve the problem, it broke all the other rows.  any ideas, please?  thanks


      becki kain