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    Show Value on Bar Chart (Conditional data value based on field selection)

    Deepak Vadithala

      Dear All,


      I am using a stacked bar chart and I wanted to display the "Values on Data Points" - conditionally. If I select a value from a field the data points should show and if I dont select anything the chart should hide them.



      I thought I can use the below expression in the (Sub expression - Show Value), however I had realised this works only for the line chart and does not work on bar chart. Here is the expression...


      =IF( GetSelectedCount(MyField) > 0 , 0, 1)


      Please can someone help me on this?


      Original Requirement :

      The original requirement is to show 100% across each hour and not 5.56%. I can't seem to figure how to get this done, so I thought I would hide 5.56% and show the values when there is selection.


      Hope this is making sense.


      Thanks in advance.


      Cheers - DV