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    JIRA createdAfter date gets wrong formatted

    Ralf Becher



      I tried to set a date as parameter with the wizard (createdAfter=15-11-2016) and date is converted from the connector to the wrong format (2016.11.15) and passed to JIRA and it gives me the following error:


      {"errorMessages":["Datumswert '2016.11.15' für Feld 'created' ist ungültig. Gültige Formate umfassen: 'jjjj/MM/tt HH:mm', 'jjjj-MM-tt HH:mm', 'jjjj/MM/tt', 'jjjj-MM-tt' oder ein Zeitraumformat wie '-5t', '4w 2t'."],"errors":{}}


      If I use the right JIRA format in URL instead (createdAfter=2016/11/15) the connector doesn't recognize it as date:


      The following parameter validation errors were found: createdAfter: Cannot parse '2016/11/15' as a date,

      expected format is DD-MM-YYYY - Die Zeichenfolge wurde nicht als gültiges DateTime erkannt.


      Any idea for a workaround?




      - Ralf