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    Count history

    Mart�n Caruso

      Good Morning,

      I am developing a board in which I need to count the amount of COD_ID based on some conditions: when the OK field is equal to 1 and when the STATE field is different from RES.
      It is essential that the accountant take into account the historical: that is to say that it goes from a date to the past.


      Next, I leave the table with which I am working. Also, to be clearer in what I need, I leave the result that the meter should give according to the filter that is applied:

      • If FY = 2017 and MONTH = ene, then COUNT(COD_ID) = 3. Examples: 1A2B, 3C4D, 9I0J.
      • If FY = 2017 and MONTH = oct, then COUNT(COD_ID) = 1. Examples: 3C4D.
      • If FY = 2018 and MONTH = nov, then COUNT(COD_ID) = 2. Examples: 7G8H, 9I0J.
      • If FY = 2016 and MONTH = may, then COUNT(COD_ID) = 4. Examples: 1A2B, 3C4D, 7G8H, 9I0J.


      I'm waiting for the help you can give me.

      Thank you very much.



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          Mohammed Mukram Ali



          as per my understanding,


          I hope you will keep Year and Month as filters in the dashboard.

          so no need to include Year and Month in the set analysis.


          Can you try below Expression.



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              Mart�n Caruso

              Thank you Mohammed for your answer.

              I have tried with the expression that you tell me, but it brings me more cases because for example if I select in the filters FY = 2017 and MONTH = ago, the result of the count should give equal to 0, but I get 1 since at some point fulfilled the condition of OK = {1} and STATE - = {'RES'}. Also, it does not take into account the historical.

              The database is much bigger than the one you attach.