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    where and how to Import QlikSense Certficates

    Chandra Santosh Kumar

      Hi Experts,


      Our requirement is to connect to Qlik Sense server (Standalone) from other Web based Server (Custom web based Java coding).

      To achieve this we are trying to use APIs given in help.qlik.com, but we are unable to connect to the server even though the port numbers and URLs used are as given by qlik help.


      Overview on the server:

      We got only one Standalone server with all the services in the same machine and its hosted in one of our cloud virtual machines.

      Now you all know that Qlik Sense default installation contains Self-signed certificate and we continued to use the same and we havent got any SSL.

      I had enabled the "Allow HTTP" option in the QMC Proxy and we are using the default virtual proxy.


      Now after searching for the way to communicate, i found certficates could be easy way. So i followed the below procedures

      For this to understand properly I will rename server properly for your understanding

      QlikSense Server : QS_Server

      Other Server : A_Server.

      Developer: Developer in their local windows OS (for development purpose)

      1. Navigated to the QMC Certificates of QS_Server for exporting the certificates, so given the Server Machine name which has to be connected to QS server for communicating (i.e) A_Server

      2. Checked the "Include Secret Key"

      3. Got the certficates to the exported folder location.

      4. Now 3 certficates that got exported are "client.pfx" , "root.cer", "server.pfx".

      5. Now please suggest me where i have to import each of the certficates like on "A_Server" and if it should also be imported in "Developer Machine" as the developer also is trying to communicate to QS_Server from their environment ?

      6. Also please suggest how we can import  each of them too.


      Sorry to be elaborative, as i thought it would be make easy understanding if i mention all the details intitially.


      Thanks & Regards,

      Santosh Kumar.