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    Nprinting Filter based on Aggr?

    Henry Sumner

      Hi community,


      I was wondering if it is at all possible to filter out a calculated field in Nprinting?


      In my case, the calculation is as follows:


      =if(count(distinct([Order Unit Price]))=1, 'L', if(count(distinct([Order Unit Price])) <4, 'M', 'H' ))


      This is basically giving a score for the number of different prices being offered, by product and customer (Low, medium, high).  The score is on a straight table, which is pasted into Excel in Nprinting.


      I would like to filter out all of the 'L's (Lows) from Nprinting, as they are not relevant to the user.  I tried creating a variable that aggregates the expression over product and customer and then filtering out the 'L's in that variable, however the filter only selects the relevant products, not customer/products.


      There is a workaround that I could use, but it would involve setting a conditional colour of white to hide rows that are 'Low'.  For the sake of performance and processing time (the Nprinting takes 16 hours normally), is there another way to do it?