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    Migrate the qlikview QMC tasks using powershell scripts

    chandra sarva



      Any idea on how to migrate the tasks to different environment/servers. Right now I can use

      1. RMS - Can't use it to migrate from/to major versions (Qlikview 11 to Qlikview 12)

      2. QVPR - we don't want entire QVPR to be migrated/moved.


      We just want to migrate the applications by app by app.


      I have seen with one of the client using power shell script to migrate the tasks we want but currently stuck at not finding the power shell module/cmdlets that need to download to recognize the qlikview commands that it uses to connect to source and target QMC's and to retrieve the document task. The power shell  looks something like this -


      Connect-QlikView $DestServer -verbose

      $dest_folders = Get-QlikViewSourceFolders -qdsID (Get-QlikViewDistributionService).id

      connect-QlikView $SourceServer -verbose

      source_folders = Get-QlikViewSourceFolders -qdsID (Get-QlikViewDistributionService).id


      I have found similar power shell module for Qliksense but not for Qlikview.