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    How to use IF statement in this case? (QlikSense)

    Mohammed Ahad



      I am a new user of QlikSense, and I am having difficulty with doing a certain task. I'm sure it's fairly simple, but I don't know how to go about this. Here is a screenshot of a table I am working on:




      In the 'Closed Unqualified" column, I wanted to show "1" for every time the "StageName" column is "Closed Unqualified". Currently, it is showing "0," which is incorrect. I tried this function, but it didnt work :  "IF(StageName="Closed Unqualifed",1,0)


      Can someone please guide me in how I can achieve my objective and fix the "Closed Unqualified" column? What is the right function I need to input to get the right values? Thank you so much in advance for your assistance!!