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    NPrinting Repository Restore Error

    Carlos Silva

      Hi community! I need your help.


      I've just migrated our NPrinting to a new server (before we have QSense and NPrinting on the same machine).


      To do this:

      • First I've upgraded our NPrinting from June to Sept 2017
      • Install NPrinitng Sept 2017 on the new machine
      • Create a Backup
      • Restore this backup on the new machine.


      Everything is ok: Our App, Filters, Connections, Reports, Users, etc.


      But when I try to edit a report, shows me this:



      I must generate the cache for "App Domino", but all of our connections are working fine and this "App Domino" is correctly generated:



      So, wich cache I need to generate?


      I've tried to Export the report and Replace but shows me this (if you see on the image from above, the connection " Conexiòn Modelo Gestiòn Comercial Domino" is already generated):


      I hope that you can understand my problem. The reports are generated perfectly fine and my task are correctly running, but I can't edit these reports even though I have all my connections with a generated cache.