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    Another Connection to the Qliksense Engine failed for unspecified reasons. Refresh your Browser or contact your system Administrator.

    Aad Dijksman

      Dear Community members,


      As a newbee on this community and making my first steps with Qlik Sense I encounter problems with the following:


      " Connection to the Qlik Sense Engine failed for unspecified reasons. Refresh your browser or contact your administrator "


      I searched the internet and this community and found several solutions, but none are working for me.

      I have Qlik Sense 3.2SR5 installed on a Windows Server 2016. I did an offline installation but later on it was decided to connect the server to the internet. I tried the following:

      1) DNS, servername, IP-adress, external domainname, localhost added to the whitelist in the virtual proxy

      2) Created an inbound rule in the Windows firewall with all suggested ports 80, 443, 4239, 4241-4244, 4248, 4432, 4444, 4545, 4555, 4747, 4899, 4900, 4949, 5050, 5151, 9028.

      4) Put certificates on the right place to avoid message unsecure connection

      5) Enabled IPv6 (even it is not used)

      6) Added the url of the Qlik Sense machine to trusted websites in the browser

      7) Enabled scripting in the browser

      8) Installed the latest version .NET framework on the Qlik Sense machine

      9) Got TLS 1.0 / 1.1 and 1.2

      10) Got "Allow http" with port 4248 active in the QMC

      11) All Qlik services are active under system account, except for database (local)


      On Mozilla FireFox and Google Chrome I can log in to the hub but right after then the above mentioned message appears. Internet Explorer 11 alway shows this message for unknown reasons.

      But whatever I tried, the message will not go away. Does somebody in this community any suggestions left to solve this issue?


      Thanks in advance and kind regards,


      Aad Dijksman

      The Netherlands