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    Kenneth Holden

      I am trying to use the map view but will not recognize cities.


      Its Canada so we use postal codes such as T4C1B1 vs a zip code.


      I have the 6 digit postal code, and of the course the city but will not work with maps.


      I had no issue getting Tableau to recognize the postal codes. I cannot seem to get any traction in Qliksense cloud.


      anyone have any idea on how to fix this?





      still new user :-)

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          Greg Williams

          Hi Ken - Postal Codes are not recognized by Qlik out-of-box maps currently. Qlik GeoAnalytics provides this functionality and tremendously more. I would like to see this introduced as out-of-the-box but will need to wait for this ...perhaps one day   As for traction in Qlik Sense Cloud, this product will continue to increase in capabilities. Core differences with Qlik compared to Tableau: patented technology related to its analytics indexing engine, ability to cache data elements in RAM to provide for exceptional speed in calculations and rendering, API's are extremely robust, and we scale both horizontally and vertically well.


          Probably not the answer(s) you were hoping for but just wanted to shed a bit of light on the subject.


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              Kenneth Holden

              Thanks Greg, much appreciated.


              is there anyway to create the box? there is a geoanalytics app in market place but its a download so I assume only for desktop and thats only PC and I am on a Mac.


              is there anything I can do make it work? KML file? where would I find one that would work etc?