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    Selections made in the expressions without preventing selection from the filter panes

    Sofia Vaz

      Hi all!


      In order to have a selection of data made by default, the solution I got was to select them in my expressions. For example:


      Count({$<MillAlloc={"X"},AllocYear={"$(vCurrentAllocYear)"} ,AllocWeekYear={"<=$(vLastAllocWeek)"}, InternalServPfeYn={"N"},InternalServExternalPi={"N"},MarketRegionCd={'EU', 'ROE'},InternalServReadyLateDisp={"Y"}>}InternalServReadyLateDisp)/(Count({$<MillAlloc={"X"},AllocYear={"$(vCurrentAllocYear)"} ,AllocWeekYear={"<=$(vLastAllocWeek)"}, InternalServPfeYn={"N"},InternalServExternalPi={"N"},MarketRegionCd={'EU', 'ROE'}>}InternalServReadyLateDisp))

      Now the problem is that I want to continue giving the user some freedom to select options in fields that I have filtered by default. For example, the user is only seeing MarketRegionCd = {'EU', 'ROE'} when he opens the application and may want to select MarketRegionCd = USA.

      Do you know if this is possible?

      Every help is welcome! Thank you!