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    Create Count() Dimension, where Zeros aren't counted

    Tom Müller

      Dear all,


      one more question of me as a pure beginner. But at first let me just say thank you for your great help, I never experienced a better community than the Qlik Community.


      I want to create a dimension, that counts the quantitiy of a value (the values are different, but I just need do differenciate between zero or not), but just the ones that aren't zero. What I tried was the following expression:


      If ( (Schadenannahme) > 0, Count(Schadenannahme) ,0).


      "Schadenannahme" is the dimension of the value.


      As I use this created dimension for a measurement, there's no result, just --- .


      Probably I did kind of a beginner's mistake, but I'm not really sure if and how to use the if- function in this.


      Thanks for the answers,




      I uploaded part of the app for example