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    Fetch the Index of the string

    Swati Jha


      I need to fetch index of lang code .Postion of the language code can be different ,so I need to search id the language code provieded in my mapping exist ,if it does I need to get the index of it.



      mapping load *

      Inline [

      Code, Lang

      de-DE, German

      en-US, English

      es-ES, Spanish

      fr-FR, French

      it-IT, Italian

      ja-JP, Japanese

      ko-KR, Korean

      nl-NL, Dutch

      pl-PL, Polish

      pt-BR, Portuguese

      ru-RU, Russian

      sv-SE, Swedish

      zh-CN, Chinese





      Sample Filename where we need to search the language code and return the index




      Any help will be appreciated