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    Chart conditional colour formatting

    Cameron Vine

      I am attempting to have a default bar chart coloured.


      When a User initially opens the Dashboard, the SLA Entire Risk Engine batch details will appear and where minutes are negative, bars should be red and where minutes are positive bars should be green (will change colour for colour blind people another time).


      The code works fine if I don't use a default selection but when I introduce a default selection the positive minutes red instead of green.


      If((isnull(Milestone) AND Min({<System={'Source'},Milestone={'Entire Risk Engine batch'},Status={'Breach'}>} Minutes))<0,


      If((isnull(Milestone) AND Max({<System={'Source'},Milestone={'Entire Risk Engine batch'},Status={'Breach'}>} Minutes))>0,


      If(Min({<System={'Source'},Status={'Breach'}>} Minutes)<0,