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    Color Expression

    Agrim Sharma



      i want help in coloring expression in qlik sense timeline master KPI,

      my applied fx is-


      =IF("Phase"= 'Project' or "Phase"= 'Opportunity' or "Phase"= 'Feasibility' or Commitment='On Schedule', 5 ,

      IF("Phase"= 'Project' or "Phase"= 'Opportunity' or "Phase"= 'Feasibility' or Commitment='Delayed' or Commitment='Incomplete Info', 8 ,

      IF("Phase"='Future' or "Commitment"='Future' , 4,

      IF("Phase"='Closed' or "Commitment"='*' , 3,

      IF("Phase"='De-Scoped'  or "Phase"= 'On-Hold' or "Commitment"='*' , 6

      ) ) ) ) )

      but its not working properly, please refer attached .qvf if needed,

      my desired output is as follows,

      F=Feasibility, O=Opportunity, P=Project

      Color Condition.PNG

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          Agrim Sharma

          i also tried,


          =IF((Phase =  'Project' and Phase = 'Opportunity' and Phase = 'Feasibililty' and  Commitment = 'On Schedule'),  1,

          If((Phase =  'Project' and Phase = 'Opportunity' and Phase = 'Feasibililty' and  Commitment = 'Delayed' and  Commitment = 'Incomplete Info'),  4,

          if(  (Phase =  'Future' and Commitment= 'Delayed') , 8,

          if(  (Phase  =  'Future' and Commitment = 'Future'),3,

          if(  (Phase  =  'Closed' and Commitment = '*') , 9



          but not working properly, please help,

          Thanks & Regards

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            Ralf Heukäufer



            I think you can´t use Masteritems color with this extension by now.


            I think for another color you must change the style.css in the Extension folder.