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    Odd results from Sum, possibly from table joins in script?

      Hi guys,


      Fairly new to Qlikview and I'm attempting to create a simple report from an oddly structured database.

      The database itself has a series of dynamic types for each ID, and then a value against these types.


      In my script I'm getting the  ids, types and values then creating a table in my script based on the "type" description so I can put the types into columns.


      I've put some of the results under my "calculations" tab and these appear to be coming through right.

      For example: An Asset of DZ515 has an "Hours" value of 5 and a "Loads" value of 20.

      However when I create a column that sums up the hours or loads, the value seems to be multipled and incorrect. I have a feeling this stems from how my table is Joined together in the script and would appreciate any suggestions on how to solve it!


      The qlikview file is attached, thanks for any input!