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    Load Script Edits from Excel file - Qlik June 2017

    Russell Glenn

      Hello Qlikies!



      I have a question that I am trying to resolve. I am working in Qlik Sense June 2017, and am trying to solve an issue with the way my   data is gathered for me.


      Currently, my data comes into an excel file and has a column with both a unique ID and product name in it. I have requested these be separated, but this is something that cannot happen.


      Is there a way that I can separate the items from one excel column to come into qlik sense as two separate items? I assume this can be done in the load script? Help here would be AMAZING



      Also, can we eliminate part of the data from a different column? We have a column that is product capability that comes in with a unique identifier after the name that we wish we could just delete. I think it is the last 5 spaces in the name in the excel column.


      We would normally just do these things manually; however, the data will be coming in using this format going forward.


      Thanks so much for all you guys and gals do.


      My best!