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    Qlik Sense call to SAP SOAP webservice if WSDL is provided?

    Ellen Blackwell


      I am desperate for an answer to the question I've posed below. Would greatly appreciate responses from the community.


      Is it possible from Qlik Sense to call a SOAP webservice of an external system (i.e., SAP) if WSDL of the webservice is provided?


      Background: Want to take 'insight-to-action' to the next level:


      The insight

      Load data into Sense from multiple sources, including SAP, to answer the following questions . . .

      1. What are my new build requests?
      2. Which manufacturing plants have capacity to build the units I need?
      3. When can the plant deliver the units?


      The Action

      Transact from Sense into SAP order system

      • Once end user has answers, s/he should be able to submit orders directly from Sense application into SAP order system. Do not want to take the insight, move out of Sense, open SAP client and place orders.


      Thanks in advance!