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    Qlik sense App level security through Section Access

    Divya Bharathi C T

      Hi All,


      My requirement is to restrict application in a stream through section access.

      Let's say we have 3 applications (APP 1, APP 2, APP 3 ) in a stream "TEST".

      When ADMIN logs in he must see all the three application in that stream and should have access to all the three applications

      When user B and C logs in he must see all the applications in stream but should have access to only APP 1.


      I have given a section access file for each application and the format is as below with the column "APP", based on which section access needs to be applied.


      USERBAPP 1
      USERCAPP 1


      User does not prefer applying security rules in QMC to achieve the same, because if we apply security rules via QMC then user B and C will not be able to see APP 1 in TEST and the requirement is all users must see all the applications.


      Any ideas on how to implement this in Qlik Sense ?