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    Qlik View License Upgrade Issue

    Saurav Gupta

      Hello all,

      I am new in QlikView world, please help me understand the followings.

      1. I have license no.257556#######087 , which was procured in 2007. I want to upgrade my Qlik View product, Do I need to buy new License for it. Or I can just upgrade using the same License and Control number.

      2. I know QlikView and QlikSense are 2 different products and works differently, but can I use this license and control number for activating QlikSense and using it on a server. for example can I use my license no.257556#######087 for a QlikSense server.

      3. QlikSense uses at least 5 tokens, Is it same for QlikView as well.

      4. If I use new server(upgraded one) for the same QlikView license which I have right now, Is it possible to use it or Do I have to get new License based on new Server as well?

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          Peter Cammaert
          1. I think you can, but you better contact your Qlik Partner/Account Manager. There may be some issues with the product your license is meant for (at the time there were different clients instead of just CALs) and with your maintenance contract (you can only upgrade if you consistently paid your maintenance fees).
          2. No
          3. Yes, but for QlikView we're talking about Named CALs. Tokens and CALs are not interchangeable.
          4. See answer 1. It's either a server or a client license. AFAIK in those days servers didn't come with embedded client license allowances.


          Better contact your QlikView partner about this.