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    Problem with numbers with SQL select script

    Maxime Golinvaux

      Hello, I encounter a problem when I load data from an Oracle table with Qlikview.

      The source table contains a column with an ID and an other with a part of this ID (last four numbers or more).








      When i load this table, i use this script:


      SQL SELECT *

      FROM "DB".TABLE;

      store Table into TABLE.qvd(qvd);


      The problem is, some data from the "LastNumbers" column are not loaded correctly when the number start with "0", like this:


      The LastNumbers "62" should be "0062" like in source table:


      That's really strange and totally illogic i think.

      When i load only the line with ID "BE00120062"  whith a "WHERE" clause, the number is loaded correctly:


      I tried to force the text format with text() function but that's not working...

      This script have been tested with Qv 11.20 SR15 and QV12, the result is exactly the same.


      I think there is a bug here...


      Can someone helps?


      Thank you.