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    Alternative for WeekEnd function ?

    Monika M

      Hi All


      I am using a WeekEnd function in my load script to get a master calender at week level and the result I am getting is the date converted with respective weekend dates with the time stamp. I want the output without the time-stamp. I have tried converting the output format by using date and left function but they dont seem to work.

      All the three examples below :

      1. Weekend(Date_Example,0,5)


      2. Date(floor(Weekend(Date_Example,0,5)),'MM/DD/YYYY')


      3. Left(Weekend(Date_Example,0,5),10)

      give same output as '12/2/2016  12:00:00 AM' (with the time stamp) when viewed in excel

      is there an alternative for this in qlikview