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    Problem with the R Plugin

    Igor Alcantara

      I have Sense Server November 2017 release. I have installed the R Plugin and I am able to run the R examples provided. So, apparently the plugin is working.


      However, when I try to use it with my own data I am not able to make it work.


      For example, if I add a text object and write the following expression, I get no result. Not even an error, just a blank text. There are absolutely no blank values.


      R.ScriptEval('mean(q$BMI);', BMI)


      Issue number 2:

      When I try to execute an R command in the script, I get this error "Client specified an invalid argument."


      This is the code. The source R file runs fine in R Studio.



      LOAD '$(vRSource)' As RSource

      Autogenerate 1;





      R.ScriptEvalStr('source(q$RSource);', RSource) as R_Output

      Resident TempR;