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    Suppress zero values in Qlik Sense Pie Chart

    Austin Haverkamp

      I've created a pie chart in Qlik Sense that uses the following expression:



      {$<[Employment History.Employment Rank]={"1"}>}

      [People ID])


      The Employment History.Employment Rank field is a calculated field in the script that assigns the latest Employment History record for each distinct People ID with a value of 1 - this way I'm able to show only the latest record for each person.


      However, when I use the previous expression to create a pie chart, I receive the following warning beneath my chart: "This data set contains negative or zero values that cannot be shown in this chart."


      I understand it's because for my chosen dimension, there are some records that don't have any ranking of 1. My question: is there a way to exclude those records from my expression, or is there a setting within the chart that will ignore this case?


      Thanks in advance.