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    GAP Report. How to show differences between full data and selected data?

    Dmitriy Preobrazhenskiy
      I'm new to Qlik Senese, and looking for the way: how to get the difference between the full data and the selected data.
      For example I have:
           Table with list of learners - 3000 users
           Filter Pane with month and year
      When I selected the month, Table shows me list of users who was assigned at selected month.
      I want to see who wasn't assigned. What should I do?
      (I have just enterprise user account. I can't install the desktop Qlik Sense)


      Michael Tarallo



      Hi Dmitriy - thanks for your questions, please sure to post these types of Questions in the Qlik Community community.qlik.com as we are better prepared to answer there as we can provide screenshots and samples. Regarding your question - this is just a sample of an embedded / custom wep app using our engine and APIs - however the out-of-the-box list box select interface offers you the ability to select alternative, select excluded etc - check out this video here at this time-code to see an example - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8QTsuFpVh44&feature=youtu.be&t=27m10s - please join the community and I can expand on this for you.