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    Extract data on streamed app ?

    Pierre Chazel

      Hi everyone,


      I´m starting using the streaming feature of QlikSense Cloud, I created my app, and I share it to another. Hence he cannot modify it, it´s perfect, safer.


      However it seems that as soon as soon as the app is streamed you lose the ability to right click on a chart, and  to be able to export it as an image, pdf, or datos brutos.

      Is this right ?


      Even though I know users shouldn´t leave the Qlikview interface, I can understand that at the beginning, they like to be able to export sometimes the data.


      Can you confirm my observation ? offer an alternative ?


      Have a good weekend!



        • Re: Extract data on streamed app ?
          Michael Tarallo

          Hi Pierre - yes you are correct in your assumption, this something that has been requested and we hope to see it next year. It has been entered into the system and the cloud team / dev teams are aware of this. If you have a Qlik Sense Cloud Business subscription - the alternative approach is to provide the user in the workspace with an Editor role so they can access the app in the workspace - it is not ideal but currently the only alternative.


          Let me know if you have any other questions.


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