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    KPI Calculating wrong value

    Prachi Patkar


      I am new to Qlik Sense.

      When I am using below calculation in table to show data, its working fine.


      if(status='Submitting' OR status= 'Composing' OR status= 'Submitted' , OrderNumer)

      Above calculation gives me list of Order numbers.  The result is correct here. Number of records are 33.

      But same calculation when I am using in KPI to show that count,  I am not getting expected result.

      Below is calculation I am using for KPI.   (Even without DISTINCT)


      COUNT( DISTINCT if(status='Submitting' OR status= 'Composing' OR status= 'Submitted' , OrderNumer))

      This gives me more count in some cases. like 80 or 82 which is wrong (with or without DISTINCT).

      Is it due to any null value or something.

      Please Help to handle this.