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    NPrinting Excel Report Dimension Subtotals

    George Barrett

      I need to create an Excel report in NPrinting 17 that consists of three dimensions (Product Category, Product Type, and Product Description) and a group of measures, but for this example I am using one measure for simplicity. What I would like to do is have a subtotal row after each Product Type, a subtotal row after each Product Category, and then a grand total row at the end of the table. I am not too worried about the Grand Total row because I can create a second table with just the totals below the main table. I am trying to figure out how to handle the subtotal rows, however. Essentially, I am trying to recreate the rollup totals in a Qlik Sense pivot table. As of now, I am bringing in the report as one table object with no levels. Can anyone offer any advice? Thanks.



      Product CategoryProduct TypeProduct DescriptionSum of Sales
      Cat 1Type AProduct 13
      Cat 1Type AProduct 24
      Cat 1Type AProduct 35
      Subtotal Type A12
      Cat 1Type BProduct 15
      Cat 1Type BProduct 26
      Cat 1Type BProduct 37
      Subtotal Type B18
      Subtotal Cat 130
      Grand Total