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    Another Qlik Sense Certificates challenge

    Aad Dijksman

      Dear community,


      Can someone help me with the following?


      I got Qlik Sense 3.2SR5 installed on a server (Windows Server 2016, offline QS installation, but later on decided to get access via internet). I can not open the hub without getting certificates warnings. I try to open the hub via 'bi.domainname1.nl'.


      The Central Node in the QMC shows "servername.domainname2.nl" and can not be changed. All needed information is put in the whitelist of the virtual proxy within the Qlik Sense configuration (DNS, servername, IP-adress, bi.domainname1.nl, servername.domainname2.nl, localhost).


      When I put in the thumbprint of the certificate of domainname1 I got an warning insecure connection via certificate of servername.domainname2.nl.

      When I fill in the thumbprint of the certificate of servername.domainname2, I receive a warning insecure connection via certificate of bi.domainname1.nl.


      Name of Central Node in QMC is non-changable, as far as I know it is not possible to give two thumbprints of certificates and a total re-installation of Qlik Sense I try to avoid. Can this be solved by replacing the right certificates in the right places (Windows)?

      Do any of you experienced a same issue and if yes what was your solution?


      Thanks in advance for reaction and kind regards,


      Aad Dijksman

      The Netherlands