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    QlikSense .Net SDK: Retrieve chart dimensions and measure information

    Venkatasurya Balanagu



      I am trying to retrieve the following information of any type of visuals in .Net SDK.


      For example, if there is a bar chart, I would like to retrieve


      • Bar chart measure - SUM(something), AVG(something), COUNT(something) etc.
      • Bar chart dimension - Field used to apply the measure
      • Bar chart - color properties (which color mode is used)
      • Bar chart layout - Vertical or Horizontal
      • Sorting - Asc or Desc.

      I am trying to retrieve measure and dimension information using DimensionInfo and MeasureInfo properties. But those are returning the object details instead of the actual values.


      Note: Measures and Dimensions are not defined in Hyper cube in my case. I am able to retrieve the data in the chart using DataPages.First().Matrix.ToDictionary(row => row.ElementAt(0).Text, row => row.ElementAt(1).Num) but need the above mentioned additional properties as well.