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    Tables not visible in select statement wizard

    Tristan Hargreaves

      Looking for some help as I have run out of ideas.

      I have an ODBC connection to a MS SQL 64 bit database using an account which is a sysadmin on that database.

      Permissions look good and if I manually script the select statement I can sucessfully read data.


      My problem is when I try to use the select statement wizard none of the user created tables in user created schema's are visible. I can see all system tables fine but none of the tables in other schemas.


      As I said I can manually script the statement to these tables and read data fine but I don't want to have to do this for every table.


      Does anyone have any ideas on this?



        • Re: Tables not visible in select statement wizard
          Marcus Sommer

          It's not a solution else just a workaround which I use sometimes if I couldn't see the tables or even access the database per wizard:


          select top 1 * from table;


          and then creating a listbox with $Field, export the listbox to excel and doing some adjustments with expressions like adding quotes/brakets and comma's or manually like removing or renaming fields and copy & paste it back. Usually it takes just 1 or 2 minutes.


          - Marcus