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    Error - Fetching the user list from active directory

    kvp kumar

      Dear All,


      I was struck in fetching the user list from the active directory. when i tried to create the UDC it is connected and  showed successfully but when i check the users list it was not fetched any user in the user list.When i check in the log file it was show me an error as



      Error when committing.The "Add" operation failed due to a concurrent "Add" of the same object.   at Repository.Core.Repository.UserRepository.<>c__DisplayClass22_0.<AddAndSyncMany>b__0()↵↓   at Repository.Core.Repository.Common.TransactionUtility.RunInTransaction(ITransaction transaction, IEnumerable`1 actions)


      Can any one help me on this.

      Thanks in advance.



      Kumar KVP