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    Нow to add 2 dimension to the chart in NPrinting?

    Igor Burobin

      NPrinting 17.5

      Pixel perfect report.


      I have a table in QlikSense with two dimensions and one measure.



      Dimension1, Dimension2, Measure1

      2015, 1, 100

      2016, 1, 150

      2017, 1, 165

      2018, 1, 140

      2015, 2, 100

      2016, 2, 155

      2017, 2, 160

      2018, 2, 135

      2015, 3, 90

      2016, 3, 150

      2017, 3, 155

      2018, 3, 120


      I need to build line chart with one line by each values of Dimension1. Dimension1 has a variable count of values and i can't add discrete count of series in chart. I try to use "Auto-created series", but it's not work correctly.

      After these settings the chart built is empty.

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          Lech Miszkiewicz



          Answering your HEADLINE question: it is basicly impossible. Multidimensional charts are not supported in PixelPerfect. I have raised feature request with rpc regarding similar fuctionality.

          If your requirement is to have dedicated line for each secondary dimension value (1,2,3) then your workaround is  by using set analysisin your measure and creating multiple series in your chart.

          see similar case here:

          Re: NPrinting Chart by Year


          see more regarding this here (it covers basicly the same scenario):

          PixelPerfect Stacked Lines Chart


          and a video how to create charts in Pixel Perfect

          How to Create a Well Formatted PixelPerfect Chart



          I think this will give you a full picture what is possible





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