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    Nprinting report cutting off

    Erica Trotter



      My Nprinting report keeps cutting off a chart and I am not sure why:

      I have attached picture of it in the designer versus output. In the designer the object takes up the whole page while in the output it cuts off about a third of the way down. How do I fix this?


      Thanks in advance!

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          Devarasu R



          Try to increase the width of your chart object in qliksense then try again in your nprinting side it should work. Thanks




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            Lech Miszkiewicz

            It will be very difficult to control it.

            I hate using images as you never know how they will come out - this is just another great example of "Qlik Sense responsive design"


            back to the topic - what you can do is to play with actual page size. Imagine that you are printing it on paper of the A4 size, can you change size of your report to be A3?


            also provide little bit more info, what template are you using PPT, XLS, PixelPerfect?

            did you change default image sizing options - i tend to leave it on a default value as it is more predictable then and i always try to adjust "paper" size so my image can fit on it.


            second last comment - as this is an image it is renderred based on some screen resolution - i think it is a NPrinitng engine screen resolution - as you know with QlikSense you can zoom in and out and get completly different looking objects.


            last comment - any chance you can build this table using pixel perfect or XLS pivot table instead?




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              Erica Trotter

              I finally got it working, So I had to go into the origional app and make the report more narrow because I think that the width was too big and it was limiting its length.