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    condition expression for reload today in Nov 2017 Release

    Michael Stoler



      I would like to create a condition that will only send the report if the reload is today.


      What I did was create a variable in Qlik Sense vToday = Today().  I then created an expression to test if vToday = Today() but this does not seem to work.


      Has anyone created a Condition in the Nov 2017 release with Qlik Sense Nov 2017 to only send the report if the reload is today?


      Thank You,

        • Re: condition expression for reload today in Nov 2017 Release
          Lech Miszkiewicz

          Hi Michael,


          you have done (i think) almost all steps, but your mistake could be around your variable and lack of '=' sign before Tody() as it will only evaluate during reload, and not at the moment when app is used


          I do it usually in following order:

          • create variables in the end of your script (please note how vToday and vConditionTrue variables habe single quotes and = sign) - you can copy paste everything from below

          Let vLastReloadDate = Date(Floor(ReloadTime())); // this will store when document was loaded last time

          Let vToday = '=Date(Floor(Today()))'; // this will re-calculate Todays date each time you (or NPrinting) will do anything in application

          Let vConditionTrue = '=If(vLastReloadDate=vToday,1,0)'; // this will re-calculate Your condition

          • Then go to your NPrinting and create conditon like...



          so the only difference is that i calculate true/false condition on Qlik side and i am expecting to run my task when it is 1 (which is "true" value for my condition)





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