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    Displaying values of listbox in different text boxes

    avinash kk



      I have a requirement in my project and I'm stuck at a point.

      I have a field name 'Country' and the values are India, Australia, Canada, Mexico, Italy, Mali, Malta, Liberia...etc.

      My requirement is, if select 3 countries, I want to display those three countries in 3 different text boxes. Similarly, selecting N number of countries should display N no. of text boxes with countries.



      Please help me on this.


      Thanks in advance.

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          Jonathan Dienst

          You would have to create as any text boxes as you need and hide all except for those that should be displayed at any one time. The problem will be that they will not 'float' to the top when you  select the country, so you will have gaps, which may look odd. So you would probably need some sort of dynamic expression in the text boxes. You have not explained what you want to display in each box, so I cannot be specific, but perhaps something like this:


          =If(GetSelectedCount(Country) >= 1, SumField(GetFieldSelections(Country, '|', 20), '|', 2))

          =If(GetSelectedCount(Country) >= 2, SumField(GetFieldSelections(Country, '|', 20), '|', 2))



          It might be simpler to use a different visualisation such as a straight table.

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            dineshraj ramesh

            Hi Avinash,


            Try this

            In first text box


            For Second text box


            Similarly for all


            This may help you.